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People in Shared Services and Outsourcing at the upcoming event on October 27 in Bucharest

Outsourcing Today, the integrated communication platform for the business services sector, together with The Diplomat-Bucharest organize on October 27, at InterContinental Hotel, the second edition of People in Shared Services and Outsourcing Forum.

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Agricover implements Oracle solution to improve the evaluation process of its 850 employees

Agricover, the integrated solutions provider for agriculture in Romania implemented Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management cloud solution, meant to facilitate and accelerate the evaluation process of the company's 850 employees.

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Betting on innovation: 25.4 million Euro were contracted for innovation by start-up enterprises

A number of 34 European projects worth 25.4 million Euro were contracted for innovation by start-up enterprises, through the 2014-2020 Competitiveness Operational Programme (COP), the data of the Ministry of Eu

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Enterprise Concept expects double turnover of 2 million Euro this year

Enterprise Concept group, acting on BPM market in Romania, estimates two million Euro worth turnover in 2016, double growth compared to previous year.

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Teodor Blidarus, ANIS: The software industry in Romania to exceed 3 per cent of GDP

The software industry in Romania is expected to exceed 3 per cent of Romanian GDP, while the IT industry is expected to stand for 10 per cent of the same indicator, according to a recent statement of Teodor Bli

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Universum Student Research Romania 2016: Professional training and secure employment make companies attractive

Romanian students would most like to work in the manufacturing industry. For students of economics, Apple, Google and BMW are the most attractive employers. BMW, Continental and Volkswagen, on the other hand, a

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Oracle study: Less than half of employees say they have the right technology to do their jobs

The study launched in early October by global company Oracle, Global Engagement Study showed that digital technology, leadership and company values rank among top distinguishers for employee success.

Three defining characteristics of contact centers in Bulgaria and Romania

ASE: Getting ready for the new Outsourcing Masters programme - from OT print issue

A classroom of 80 seats fully refurbished by Genpact. Traditional partnerships with Microsoft, Oracle and SAP University Alliances Program as Full Membership. And a Business Services master evaluated and accred

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Brexit – the potential impact on global mobility of workers - OT print issue

On 23 June 2016, the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU). Prior to the referendum, there were questions over what a possible "Brexit" might mean for employers, and in particular, employers of globally mob

What the statistics don't say about outsourcing in Romania

We have enjoyed an excellent first half with a 5% economic upswing year-on-year, but what did trigger most of the employment were the automotive and outsourcing firms.

Brexit and the Romanian education

Much ado about nothing, the Brexit had clear signs even before the referendum.

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Oracle reaches 4,200 employees and plans further expansion - Exclusive OT print issue

While Sorin Mindrutescu, Oracle's general manager for Romania, added to his functions the leadership of its central and eastern Europe Cloud division, the company grows solidly to about 4,200 employees, about a

ASE's HR Master – helping students integrate in companies

An HR student programme that signed 53 partnerships with companies in different practice areas and saw a lot of graduates hired by the real sector of the economy at the end.

Jacek Levernes: Promoting Romania and CEE to worldwide leaders

As Jacek Levernes and other business services industry leaders promoted Romania in their recent business tour to New York, major investors with assets worth billions of dollars showed their interest for the reg

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Endava: proactively investing in education - from OT print issue

Continuous improvement is an important part of Endava's culture and, for over 15 years, the company has been focusing on helping people to be successful. About 700 graduates and undergraduates have been trained

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Iasi grows stronger day by day - from OT print issue

For more than 10 years, the Faculty of Computer Science (FCS) from the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi (UAI) has had a good collaboration with many IT companies both in Iasi or other regions of Romania a

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Stefanini: tens of students in internships, thousands of Euro invested -from OT print issue

Over the past three years, around 30 students were involved in our internship programs, with tens of thousands of Euro invested in such programs, if we consider the training costs and the salaries paid, says An

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Yonder: The first Dutch company in Cluj expanded to Iasi -from OT print issue

Yonder is the first Dutch company to start work in the Cluj market on an outsourcing model. That was back in 1993 with a small team of IT enthusiasts

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Optima sees major expansion in Iasi - Exclusive OT print issue

Optima Call's journey started in October 2010 with an enthusiastic and experienced team. Now the Bucharest-based company expanded to Iasi and plans to grow exponentially the personnel figure at their new offic

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What the statistics don't say about outsourcing in Romania

We have enjoyed an excellent first half with a 5% economic upswing year-on-year, but what did trigger most of the employment were the automotive and outsourcing firms.

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The digitalization of the customer relationship

The customer relationship has changed considerably over the years thanks to evolving economical, technological and societal influences.

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