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As the business services industry developed exponentially in Romania during the past years, reaching 60,000 employees and producing up to 1.4% of the GDP, the need of an integrated communication platform that would help this fast developing industry emerged.

As such, The Diplomat – Bucharest, a long established English language business magazine and events organizer, active since 2004, decided to create Outsourcing Today, an industry and community networking and news integrated platform that would help promote Romanian business services industry, locally and globally.

Outsourcing-today.ro  is the place where organizations, service providers, advisors and other stakeholders get together, finding valuable information about their business lines and sharing thoughts on the latest trends within the outsourcing industry.

Our integrated platform includes printed magazine and several annual events that ensure the best debates and networking through specialized conferences and business mixers.

That is why we believe that Outsourcing Today is a project of interest for you and your business partners, and we’re looking forward to future partnerships.

Our Target

Besides the local business environment target, we also put a special emphasis on foreign investors. The Diplomat-Bucharest magazine has been acting as a catalyst for the foreign investors in the Romanian business environment for the past 11 years.

Also, we target all the medium and top management from the Business Services segment and industry areas such as BPO, SSC, KPO, ITO, HRO, Banking & Financial, Accounting, HRO & RPO. As well, we have a special focus on Education, with Training centers, learning programs and special studies partnering on our site.

Other interested parties are managers of companies looking to expand and use outsourced services locally. Managers of banking units with outsourcing departments, of real estate companies with office, commercial and industrial space to rent or sell, IT companies with specialized departments and transport and logistic firms.



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