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The importance of having a vision and build business agility

In the past year the outsourcing industry became - due to its constant growth as market but also as intrinsic evolution of people and companies - one of the most reliable barometers of fundamental metrics of the health of the overall economy.

2019-06-10 22:28:15

The business shared services market addresses all industries and comprised all kinds of experts: from software to client service, from financial to logistics and manufacturing and construction, from HR to real estate. The business shared industry is moving human capital and material resources more than any other industry and it probably has the widest exposure to each nation's economic dynamics. The dynamic of the business shared industry is very well mirrored in the changes and expectations seen in the office market in Bucharest and Tier 1 and 2 cities in Romania. What links all that?
The importance of having a vision and build business agility

There is no surprise that the workplace of these days, even most of them which keep the same features of modern office buildings as we know them or maybe the more classical ones, is disrupted by the new technology and demographics. The first session of Romanian Outsourcing and Shared Services Forum tried to find out how companies need to keep up with these changes in an effort to improve ROI, employee retention, and employee wellness and how the companies cope with the enormous investment of time, talent, and money to keep corporate and client records safe in a cyber-environment that is constantly under attack.

As Lovering mentioned during the event, there are four aspects to be considered regarding the Forum's first session regarding Smart workplace: the workers and their expectations, the administrative aspects, the technology tools, and the design of the workplace itself. The panel of the first session was secured by Andrei Voica, Director Project Management and Workplace Consultancy, Colliers and Romulus Caralicea, Information security, risk and compliance lead for Europe Wipro, so that the two above mentioned aspects may be tackled.

The office environment – a catalyst for growth and work productivity

As Voica mentioned during the event, companies have to focus on the trends of all the aspects of a community, not only technology, but aspects related to people and diversity of people. "Basically, we are witnessing five generations in the same office, everything has to come together. The most important thing is change - how flexible we are and struggle to be. The focus of the companies is on younger generations, and currently Romania is crossing a period of maturation regarding the diversity of people in the workplace. Workplace agility as a concept has been already applied on other markets and we have to take into account that the millennial generation will stand for a significant share of the staff in the next ten years."

The young generations' habits, work and life behaviour started to influence the trends in the office market, Voica stated. "The office design has changed. The companies have to adapt to generation features and to their habits. This is also a huge challenge for architects and consultants as well. The companies have to figure out how they can better transform the office environment into a catalyst for growth and work productivity." He also addressed the issue of work mobility and retention aspects, with people now finding diverse and very fast-paced reasons to leave a company for another. In the manager's opinion, the companies need to address and bring to the table those viable benefits that work for the employees that are suitable for younger generations and adjust the package of benefits according to each employee.

It is not less to say that companies in the business shared industry currently face a low retention level and they struggle to anticipate, adjust and understand the trends on the labour market, especially in the current work environment of Romania. "The companies are trying to enhance the relationship between the employees and their managers because they noticed that now, the people are leaving a company basically due to the lack of connection to their managers. In Romania, it is very important to have a mix of everything, to invest also in coaching the managers. We have to be very serious and take into account that in ten years from now, the market will severely change," said Andrei Voica. According to him, the way the industry is adjusting right now and the way the industry and work market will look in ten years, will have a huge impact on the interaction of people. It is a fact that repetitive jobs will be taken over by robots and automation but this doesn't mean that the jobs for humans will disappear. "The humans will be in charge with the more value-added jobs and creativity," Voica added.

In every change that is intended to be done to aspects related to work environment, as the Colliers' manager added, the managers and the business leaders have to do the proper due diligence and assessment. They need to have a holistic approach of the entire work environment - the design of the office, the facilities, the differentiators, the culture differences and interactions, the security aspects.

Andrei Voica, Director Project Management and Workplace Consultancy, Colliers International is truly passionate about his work and always eager to add value to each project. Leading a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds, including architecture, engineering, real-estate, business organization, and sociology, allows Colliers to provide a consistent multidisciplinary approach to each project. He offers expert advice during the entire office redesign or relocation process, from the initial project-planning and budgeting, to value engineering on all technical specialties and strict site-coordination, generating significant savings to clients' dedicated time, budget and overall resources.

Read the full Report of resourceful quotes and insights disclosed at Romanian Outsourcing and Shared Services Summit in the upcoming printed issue of Outsourcing Today, this June!

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The importance of having a vision and build business agility

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